Furniture Collection & Delivery

We offer a fast and reliable delivery service. Quick, simple and easy. From pickup to drop off.

We also do back to store / returns.

(Note : If the pickup or destination address is within congestion charge zone or ULEZ, extra charges may apply.)

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At VaiVan it is our mission to ensure that our prices are affordable whilst we provide a service that is quick and easy in addition to being professional. That is why we have price checked against hundreds of competitors in this business to ensure that we are coming out as the cheapest and most affordable for your needs. 


Moving has never been simpler with VaiVan.

You pick the service, we will take care of the rest!

Total Purchase Value

£0 – £250

£250 – £750

£750 - £1500

£1500 – £2500

£2500 – £3500